Voluntary Initiatives for Sustainability in Tourism
VISIT Development 2004 - 2005

On 9th to the 10th October 2005 Scotland will host the 2005 VISIT General Assembly

This meeting has been called in Scotland because it is a founder of the organisation, has the largest number of certified sustainable tourism products anywhere in the world and is hosting the G8 Summit in Gleneagles Scotland one of the Green Tourism Business Schemes founding members.

Jon Proctor, VISIT Vice Chairman & Director of the Green Tourism Business Scheme said:

“ 2005 is a landmark year in the war against Climate Change. There is no doubt man is damaging the environment in a fundamental way. There is also no doubt that the VISIT organisation is the leading organisation in the development of sustainable tourism in practice, And there is also no doubt that tourism is the key industry in the road to a sustainable lifestyle.”

“ Grant us the grace to accept those things we cannot change, grant us the courage to change the things we can and grant us the wisdom to know the difference” –
Your VISIT can make the difference. (Visit Scotland………stay with the GTBS. www.green-business.co.uk)

VISIT member ecolabels represent over 2000 leading Sustainable Tourism Enterprises in 7 European Countries. The VISIT assembly is open to full and associate members where practical steps in achieving VISITS aims will be discussed.

For further information on the VISIT assembly contact VISIT@green-business.co.uk

VISIT Accountancy Reports
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