Voluntary Initiatives for Sustainability in Tourism

ITEM 3 - VISIT comes to the World travel market

On Wednesday the 8th November VISIT will be having an open forum to discuss the VISIT 21 key criteria to an audience of interested professionals in sustainable tourism.

VISIT is the only association of certification systems in tourism in Europe. It comprises of the leading lights in independent voluntary accreditation labels and has over 1600 certified products. The event at WTM will allow an open discussion of the future of ecolabelling and how it can develop further. Some case studies will be highlighted demonstrating how it can work with tour operators schemes. The meeting will be held at 4.30 pm where the latest developments in VISIT will be highlighted and where a number of ecolabelling inititiatives will be presented. One of the themes for the open discussion will be “is the future of sustainable tourism in mainstream developments or in niche branding”.

Jon Proctor, VISIT vice Chairman stated “ This is a great oppportunity to have an open discussion about ecolabelling and its effectiveness in delivering sustainable tourism and how well different approaches have worked. It is clear that we need to move tourism in a strong positive direction to help deliver an effective practical framework for sustainable development and that tourism is increasingly being seen as a vital industry in establishing a more sustainable lifestyle from alleiviating poverty in the poorer developing world to preserving cultural identity and building sustainable economies in the developed world.”

Sept 2006